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Success Stories

Created an ICO Advertising application on Ethereum Blockchain. One can buy the ad space on the canvas and display their ICO information. Each Pixel on the canvas is calculated as equivalent of a fixed quantity of Ethereum. A user can buy a specific area and can pay the appropriate Ethereum.
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Million Ethereum Project

Audited the Smart Contract for the Parsec Team and identified critical, medium and low severity vulnerabilities within their code. The Parsec team acknowledged the comments and incorporated the recommendations.
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Parsec ICO

Our Offerings

Strategy and Thought Leadership, Technology Landscape, Implementation of Demo/Proof of Concepts, Production Deployment and Ongoing Support.

Blockchain Implementation

Conceptual token design, Review and assist in Technical Paper, ICO Smart Contracts, Website Deployment and infrastructure maintenance

ICO Technical Development

Development of Smart Contracts to implement Business Processes Automation. Auditing of Smart Contracts to Security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency

Smart Contracts

Right from creating architecture to designing an interactive frontend UI and a robust backend, we can help in DApp creation based on the business requirement.


With extensive experience of integrating Cloud and On-premise applications, we can easily integrate your Blockchain application with public and private cloud platforms, On premise systems and other backend applications.


Teach your team to understand the blockchain ecosystem and learn about development on blockchain technologies using our curated training for blockchain.